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Photo of Zurab Topuridze

Zurab Topuridze

Founder of Iberieli

Zurab Topuridze is the proud owner and the director of Iberieli. He is responsible of building the business strategy and overseeing every step. He has introduced many foreign wine-lovers to the fine taste of georgian wine.

Family of Iberieli

Iberieli LLC is a family business run by Zurab Topuridze with wineries and vineyards in the Guria Region of West Georgia and in the Kakheti Region of East Georgia. The name Iberieli - which was chosen by Zurab's children - refers to the ancient people in Caucasus who made wine over several thousand years ago, these people later became Georgians and are believed to be the inventers of winemaking.

Photo of zurab's kids and the first ever wine
Honest workers of the vineyard
Friends and family standing at a winepress
Photo of a wine glass

Business of Iberieli

The family's aim is to maintain authentic tradition of Kvevri wine making in Georgia, producing unique natural wines from native grapes and to set standards and true examples for their counterparts and friends. The business started off slow, selling only a couple of boxes of wine, but family and close friends jointly managed to grow business worldwide, currently selling in - US, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Japan, China, Australia and Georgia.

3 of Iberieli's most popular wine bottles
A photo of an old Qvevri

Vineyard of Iberieli

Iberieli makes its wine from total of 2 ha vineyard in the Guria Region of West Georgia and 5.5 ha vineyard in the Kakheti Region of East Georgia. The soil, the agriculture and the nature are what make our vineyard and the wines different, more unique. Using nature's gift is a greatly seized opportunity.

A photo of the green vineyard of Zurab Topuridze
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